Helo LX Review – Smart Bracelet|Smart Health Wristband Fitness

What is Helo LX Review?

helo the smart braclet
Helo Smart Health Wristband

Helo LX is a #wearable #healthtracker that fits over your #wrist. It looks similar to other #wrist-based trackers on the market, featuring a minimalistic interface and an adjustable band.  Order your HELO Today!


Ordering a HELO


#HeloLX focuses on tracking the activity of your heart. It uses a specific frequency (125 Hz) to track your cardiovascular health (compared to the 35Hz on the original Helo). Specific things tracked by the Helo LX include blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, breath rate, mood, and fatigue. You can also do a “Heart Check” to assess the overall health of your heart.

Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker
Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker Smartband Wristband


The Helo LX Smart wearable devices was launched in December 2016 by American multilevel marketing company World Media & Technology Corp (which also calls itself “Wor(l)d”. The company claims to have projected sales of 1 million Helo units worldwide.

Watch our 2 minutes video commercial: http://helodevice.net – Helo health device

Read more at: http://helodevice.co – Smart Wearable Devices

Helo LX was introduced at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The company describes its LX model as “the luxury version of Helo”.

Essentially, this is a higher-priced version of an ordinary wrist-based wearable heart activity tracker. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth your money.

How Does Helo LX Work?

helo improve your lifestyle
Wearable Health Technology Devices

Helo LX is powered by the Toshiba ApP lite processor, which is the same processor found in the original Helo. The processor analyzes data collected by a light sensor, then tracks that data over time to learn more about you.

In the words of the makers of Helo LX, “more measurement you do, more Helo will learn about you.”

Meanwhile, Helo LX tracks your heartbeat in beats per minute. Each measurement lasts 40 seconds. You’ll need to keep your wrist still for the duration of the measurement – so this isn’t a constant on-demand heart rate tracking system.

Similarly, the breath rate measurement takes 40 seconds and is completed by monitoring your wrist.

What about your mood and energy? How does Helo LX track these things? Well, Helo LX’s processor will run all your physiological data through its algorithms to make assumptions about your mood and energy. Again, this scan takes 40 seconds, during which you’ll need to remain motionless.


Helo LX Features

  • Uses 125Hz sensor sampling frequency for maximum accuracy
  • Tracks blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, mood, and fatigue
  • Can perform ECGs and heart checks
  • Modular, which means you can swap out color bands or buy your germanium-backing separately
  • 5 clip-based color bands available, letting you change the color of your wearable to suit your mood, style, or activity
  • Helo app lets you monitor your cardiovascular data from your mobile device
  • Remotely check the heart health of friends and family using the WeCare app, giving you additional peace of mind
  • Setup an alert system via the Helo app, letting you send an alert to certain friends and family if you’re in trouble
  • Weighs 103g
  • 5 x 4 x 1.2cm
  • 120mAh lithium battery
  • BioZen technology. Wor(l)d has a technology called BioZen. It consists of a sticker chip engineered to reduce the harmful effects of “electrosmog”. According to Wor(l)d, all our electronics give out harmful “electrosmog” during use. This problem is largely invisible, but can cause health issues. BioZen purportedly reduces the risks from electromagnetic fields. At a recent Helo LX introduction event, attendees in the audiencewere given BioZen stickers to place on their phones and electronics

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